child process restarts frequently

Håvard Futsæter havard.futseter at
Wed Jul 25 13:44:19 CEST 2007

Hi. There have not been any replies to my previous mail (seen below), 
and I was wondering if this was because my description of the problem 
was unclear? Or perhaps I did  not supply enough data to find the source 
of the problem?

I would gladly have attached more log-data here, but I am afraid there 
aren't a whole lot more relevant logs available.

Best regards,
Håvard Futsæter

Håvard Futsæter wrote:
> Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
>> Håvard Futsæter <havard.futseter at> writes:
>>> Might this perhaps be an indication that Varnish gets into trouble
>>> when it receives a request for a resource while the cached object for
>>> this resource is beeing recycled?
>> Sounds like it.  Poul-Henning, could you take a closer look at the
>> locking in the expiry code?
>> DES
> Hi. I have some more information regarding the above mentioned problem:
> We now think the restart is caused by a conflict between the purging 
> routine and the timeout routine.
> We have the following scenario:
> 1. url.purge <regexp>.
> 2. An object that will be affected by the purge times out and is discarded.
> 3. AFTER ExpPick, but BEFORE ExpKill, there is a request for the same 
> object. The object is consequently banned.
> 4. Immediately after this ban the child process restarts.
> Perhaps the expire-system tries to move the object to deathrow twice? 
> Speculation only...
> For testing purposes we have temporarily removed the url.purge command, 
> and have seen no restart after this was done.

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