cache_peer in varnish

Andreas Røsdal andrearo at
Wed Jul 25 21:11:52 CEST 2007

On Wed, 25 Jul 2007, Per Andreas Buer wrote:
> Kamil Radziszewski wrote:
>> How can i replace the squid command "cache_peer" in varnish ??
> No. There is no cache peering in Varnish - and most likely there won't
> be. In most cases more or less just as fast to fetch the content from
> the backend.

Why, do you have any data which indicates that fetching content from the 
backend is as fast as fetching it from a peer? Some backends can take 
several seconds to respond, if they are under heavy load and have to hit 
a database. Fetching data from a cache peer shouldn't take many 
milliseconds. Of course this could vary from system to system...

> ICP in Squid is first and foremost designed for use in
> forward proxies behind a slow internet connection.

What about the hypertext caching protocol, which was designed to replace 

  - Andreas

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