varnish increased the load

Kenneth Rørvik Kenneth.Rorvik at
Thu Jul 26 10:33:41 CEST 2007

Releaselog | wrote:
> By load increased, I mean the load which is returned by server after 
> "uptime" command. It was previously at values about 1-3 out of the peak and 
> now it stays well above 6 most of the time, getting to something as high as 
> 20 or 40 in the peak time (evenings). Overally, I think it's MySQL database 
> which is overloading, but there aren't many things in my mind which could 
> help the situation apart from buying next (expensive) server if you say 
> Varnish works fine at my box...

Keep in mind you are adding processes to the system, which will mostly 
be running - this will probably increase your load. Grossly simplified, 
the load average can be thought of as the number of processes *waiting* 
for execution. Not how much work your CPUs are actually doing.

Important question: Are your "customers" happy? ;)

Other than that, first of all, move the SQL server to a separate box 
with nice I/O and memory. MySQL can really KILL a webserver if it is on 
the same box as apache.

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