Small varnish 1.1 test with openrealty and joomla.

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Tue Jul 31 19:16:49 CEST 2007

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>> Quoting Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at>:
>> > The example you mention illustrates how to cache multiple virtual hosts
>> > served by *separate* backends.  If all your virtual hosts are on the
>> > same backend, you shouldn't need to do anything.
>> That is what I thought so it must be something in my apache vhost
>> configuration.  It really doesn't make sense yet, to me.
> Is Varnish passing the correct Host: header to Apache?

AFAIK, it is passing what I am/was telling it in default.vcl.  The  
localhost trumps the orginal named base vhost for apache and that is  
what my configuration file was asking for.  So it is correct but not  
what I'm trying to do;)

backend default {
   set = "";
   set backend.port = "8080";

What I am trying to do is to get it to pass something like:

   set =;

Which, from my limited perspective, would be a solution for this vhost  
issue although there are probably others and hopefully better and/or  
simpler options.

Thanks again, DES, for spending time on this somewhat trivial issue  
that I'm having with my learning curve.


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