Varnishstat: bandwith usage

Andreas Røsdal andrearo at
Mon Jun 11 23:14:53 CEST 2007

I have a question about measuring bandwith usage with varnishstat.
I would expect 'Total header bytes' and 'Total header bytes' to be 
the total number of bytes sent to clients since varnishd was started?
Measuring these numbers at different points in time could therefore be 
used to calculate the bandwith usage. So here are my measurements:

* Initial values:
556874988  Total header bytes
20238688347  Total body bytes

* 75 minutes later:
848969031  Total header bytes
30800272652  Total body bytes

The problem is that the correct values are 40 times larger 
than what I get from varnishstat. So is this a bug in varnishstat?
I notice that the total body bytes is larger than 2^32, perhaps there is 
an integer overflow somewhere? Or am I interpreting these values wrong?

  - Andreas

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