Latest trunk build will not start (rev1586)

James Quacinella james at
Wed Jun 27 23:16:34 CEST 2007

Hello everyone.

I know tracking trunk is typically a bad idea, but I just wanted to post 
this up. It seems the latest revision is giving me errors on startup 
("Cannot create working directory NONE/var/$hostname") but I haven't 
changed the startup command line parameters, which are as such:

 varnishd  -a -T -b -s 
file, /var/cache/varnish/,10G -p thread_pool_max=1500 -p thread_pools=5 
-p listen_depth=512 -p client_http11=on -p backend_http11=on -p 
default_ttl=36000 -P /var/run/

The error is from varnishd.c, line 549 - 553

if (mkdir(dirname, 0755) < 0 && errno != EEXIST) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Cannot create working directory '%s': %s\n", 
dirname, strerror(errno));

I'm not 100% sure where dirname gets set though. Don't know if this is a 
bug or I am missing some parameter, thanks for any and all info :-)

-- james

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