no cache from varnish if max-age=0 + meaning of insert_pass

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Sat May 5 14:49:21 CEST 2007

jean-marc pouchoulon <jean-marc.pouchoulon at> writes:
> I set max-age=0 and s-max-age=600 in the zope caching policy manager
> and varnish don't cache any content ( except if I force
> obj.ttl = 10m in vcl_fetch.)
> if max-age=1 varnish is caching the content.
> is it the considering behaviour for varnish ? when varnish is supposed
> to cache a content ?

Varnish currently does not know about s-maxage.  Please try the
attached patch and let me know if it produces the desired result.

> can someone explain the meaning of insert_pass , the difference
> between pass and pipe ?

Check out trunk; insert_pass no longer exists, and pass and pipe are
fairly well documented in the vcl(7) man page.

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