Strange Problem with Port 80

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Wed May 9 14:37:02 CEST 2007


You could try and make a tcpdump of a slow session. "tcpdump -n -w
varnish.pcap -e "host $PROXYHOST" might show you what is going on. If
you have no success let me have a look.


Yu, Ryan wrote:
> That could be true.  I believe we are actually using Surf Control.
> Would it be likely that this proxy would not affect Squid, yet would affect Varnish?
> I ask, merely because Squid appears to be working properly.
> And I'd much rather use Varnish than Squid at this point and would like to find a solution or at least an explanation so I can do some other testing from a non-proxied location.
> --
> Cordially,
> Ryan Yu
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> "Yu, Ryan" <ryu at> writes:
>> I'm having the strangest problem.  I'm using varnish on some test
>> servers and it works great when I run it on any random port number that
>> is NOT port 80.
> My guess is that there is some sort of content-scanning transparent
> proxy between you and the server.

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