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Tue May 29 10:16:59 CEST 2007

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 Kilani" writes:

>Including the entire req.http.Cookie in the hash key is suboptimal as
>there are a bunch of other cookies set (session cookies, etc)
>depending on other variables.
>Doing something like req.http.Cookie.LANGUAGE *could* theoretically do
>the right thing (and use http_GetHdrField, although some browsers can
>send multiple values for the same cookie name... :) and *looks* right,
>but obviously has a very different meaning in VCL where it compiles

The Planned syntax is:

and just as for http headers, the headers will be read sequentially
and the last found value is used.


Not bad :-)

>The other thing I'd like to be able to do is have some sort of 'first
>match over an array of header values' VCL construct, so you could vary
>the hash by whatever languages in Accept-Language your site supports

Does your backend include a proper Vary: header when it selects on
language ?

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