My Varnish project

ADOFMS Admin, SteveOC admin at
Tue May 29 13:46:17 CEST 2007

Just to finish this thread then :

I am currently running the latest SVN release of Varnish on our
production server, and implemented the hash upgrade using just VCL.

My VCL setup has :

         sub vcl_hash {
             set req.hash += req.url;
             set req.hash +=;
             set req.hash += req.http.cookie;

Very easy, but it also needs to insert into the cache on vcl_fetch when
resp.http.Set-Cookie is true.  (ie - DONT pass when set-cookie is set)

Its now working fine, and passed a few obvious test cases.

I will run this on our production machine for the next 24 hours. We will
have about 400 login sessions tomorrow with live users each doing an
hours worth of work, so it will be good to keep an eye on things during
this period.

Also - I am building this one with x86_64, and everything looks fine to
me. Its worth flagging it in Gentoo with at least an ~amd64 keyword.

The codebase looks very clean - I will spend some time experimenting
soon, making up some new VCL extensions to solve my other problems and
tailor Varnish to exactly fit my application. My aim here is to make
sure that all the hackery can be done using simple VCL variables, so
that others can get Varnish fitting in with other weird setups too.

I really like this project, and its good break from PHP coding. I miss
my C compiler !.

Thanks again guys.

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