C Compiler requirement

Cryer,Phil Phil.Cryer at edwardjones.com
Thu Nov 1 16:39:58 CET 2007

So as I understand it, when Varnish runs, it reads in the VCL script
(basically the configuration file that I have written) and generates C
source from that code, that is then compiled into a shared object to be
called by the accelerator.  Is there any way Varnish can compile that
beforehand, and then have that Shared Object used on the next launch
instead of having it rebuilt again?  I'm still going around with having
a C compiler on Production boxes, and am waiting for a decision from
security, but I was wondering about this.  Once configured we're not
going to change the VCL ever, so if we could have it built once, and
then use that, we wouldn't need a C complier on the Prod box.  I may be
way off, but just an idea I wanted to discuss, as it would make using
Varnish easier for enterprises that don't understand Varnish's


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