C Compiler requirement

Cryer,Phil Phil.Cryer at edwardjones.com
Mon Nov 5 20:43:47 CET 2007

>>Is there any way Varnish can compile that beforehand, and then have 
>>that Shared Object used on the next launch instead of having it

> It's not inherently impossible, but does raise som concerns about
version skew between 
> the compiled VCL and the varnishd binary.
> It shouldn't be too much work to implement I think.

So where is the shared object that Varnish creates on startup?
Secondly, is there a DAEMON_OPTS variable I can set to make Varnish use
an existing shared object instead of regen'ing a new one on startup?  I
suspect that last one would be the only functionality missing currently.
True, the version issue will be there, but again, I'm thinking of a way
to make enterprise implementation easier, and companies are usually
pretty strict on new versions.  With the proper upgrade path they should
know to update the .so and move it in with the install, otherwise a
version check on startup could do the trick (make sure 1.1.1 is the
version called out in the vcl for example).


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