error when launching varnishstat

Damien Wetzel dwetzel at
Sun Oct 14 15:04:31 CEST 2007

Thanks i did some mistakes with the compilation.

I take the opportunity to tell that i have a dedicated gentoo linux box
i'm using to test varnish.
It's connected at 100 Mb/s. I would happy to share it if
someone needs an environment to test varnish.

Best Regards,

Denis Ahrens writes:
 > On 13.10.2007, at 19:38, Damien Wetzel wrote:
 > > hello ,
 > > I installed varnish from trunk, varnishd seems to work but
 > > when i start varnishtop or any varnish utility i got this error:
 > > Cannot open NONE/var/varnish/sd-8639/_.vsl: No such file or directory
 > you need to run configure with the option --prefix=/usr/local
 > Denis

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