varnishd gives 'Cannot create working directory' error

Bennett Haselton bennett at
Sun Oct 21 10:10:56 CEST 2007

At 09:58 AM 10/21/2007 +0200, =?utf-8?Q?Denis_Br=C3=A6khus?= wrote:
>----- "Bennett Haselton" <bennett at> wrote:
> > [root at sls-ce3p12 ~]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/varnishd start
> > Starting varnishd: Cannot create working directory
> > 'NONE/var/varnish/sls-ce3p12'
> > : No such file or directory
>Try :
>"mkdir /var/varnish"
>check which user varnish is run under in your configuration, and chown 
>/var/varnish to that user.

Denis, thanks.  How do I determine which user varnish is run under?

>"chown varnish:varnish /var/varnish"

I tried that command but I got the error "chown: `varnish:varnish': invalid 

>Then try starting varnish again, should do the trick really.

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