Caching pages with cookies - feature request

Klaus red5 at
Sun Sep 2 15:35:13 CEST 2007

Hello List,

Could it be possible to cache pages per cookie values?

Example.   (cookie: selection=1,2,3,4)

A object with url with that cookie 
would be cached .
Then, when the next time another user with same cookie, he gets the 
cached version.

Also if a unique user session is set in a cookie. Then the user will not 
get another users cached page, but only his own.
For example, if its a user who likes to hit reload button many times. 
Pages with usersession would usually be cached for a few minutes.

Then you can use the vcl to make exceptions to what urls that shoult not 
be cached.  ex. when reload a mailbox page.


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