Jeff varnish-misc at
Wed Sep 5 22:33:18 CEST 2007

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> I'm not sure we know exactly how we want to handle it.
> One option is to let people rewrite in vcl_error() and restart the
> transaction with the (presumably) new url.

Would that be difficult?  In such a case, I gather the guru would hang 
around to meditate on double-faults, thus avoiding loops?

> putting some relevant in-line C code in your VCL
> file is probably your best bet.
> This is intentionally not well documented, but cases like this is
> what it is intended for.
> The syntax is:
> 	C{
> 	whatever you want
> 	}C

I will take a look at this, but since it is intentionally not well 
documented, I am likely to have follow-up questions. :-)

>> Parsing M streams from a load-balanced cluster of Varnish servers into N 
>> time-collated streams in something approaching real time, however, 
>> sounds like a hard problem. :-)
> Yes, that is probably true, although not impossible.

Now, put multiple clusters in multiple cities (in multiple time zones) 
and you will begin to understand why I think IMS: and letting each 
individual backend do its own logging is such a good idea. :-)


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