Problems with the cache

Erik Torlen duja at
Tue Sep 11 20:34:35 CEST 2007

Im trying to get varnish running smoothly on my server with apache on 
it. Unforunately Im having some problems to get the caching thing
working. I have set varnishd to use default.vcl on a Debian 4.0 etch OS. 
it starts up without any problem but doesn't cache anything.

Also the varnishlog doesn't seem to log anything. I'm having it running 
as a daemon, it's writing the log to /var/log/varnish/varnish.log but 
that file is empty. Varnishstat doesn't update itself when using vcl, 
only when using "-b localhost:8080" as a parameter to varnishd.

Im using all default config files, except that I have edited the backend 
in default.vcl and in /etc/default/varnish .

However, if I use the "-b" parameter woith varnishd, I could get 
varnishd to work but nothing is cached. Alot of objects are fetched but 
nothing is parsed out to the client. It just fetches it from the backend 
server over and over again.

As you see, i have alot of problems. It became a big mess after some 
tweaking and now am stuck with alooot of problems :(

/ Erik

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