Problems with the cache

Per Andreas Buer perbu at
Wed Sep 12 07:51:06 CEST 2007

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Erik Torlen skrev:
>> The default configuration will not cache if your are setting cookies or
>> if your clients are sending cookies to Varnish. I think this is covered
>> in the FAQ.
> I just made a simple index.html with two example jpeg pics. No extra
> header settings or cookies. I also tried to add some example code from
> the manual page to the default.vcl where they showed how to cache
> cookies. Neither did that work.
>> Does it log anything when you're just running it on the command line -
>> without any options?
> Well, if I use the default.vcl it doesn't show me anything, but if I use
> the "-b" parameter it displays some "ping" and "pong" messages and alot
> of other stuff if I open the site in the browser. But, as I said, this
> is with the "-b" parameter. With the default.vcl, it is totally
> quiet :(

Are you sure you've set up varnish as proxy?
 * What port is varnish binding to?
 * what port is your backend running on?
 * How are you accessing the site?


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