varnishstat vs. telnet stats

Erik Torlen duja at
Mon Sep 17 18:21:37 CEST 2007

I still have problems with varnish and its cache. Its configured to 
listen on port 80 which it does fine. My webserver is set to listen on 
port 8080  and the backend on varnish is configured to:
backend default {
        set = "";
        set backend.port = "8080";

Now if I make a request of a picture to port 80, I see in apache2 logs 
that it passes the picture fine. But if I check varnishstat, its still 
empty with zeros almost everywhere. The only values that are set is:
/1 N struct sess_mem
2 N struct smf
2 N large free smf
47 SHM records
47 SHM writes
1073741824 bytes free/

This is after a *single *request to a picture has been made.

If I then close down varnishstat and telnets in to port 6082 and type 
/stats/ I get totally different data compared with varnishstat.
Here is exactly what it prints out in the telnet console (when using the 
/stats/ command):

/           1  Client connections accepted
           1  Client requests received
           0  Cache hits
           0  Cache hits for pass
           0  Cache misses
           1  Backend connections success
           0  Backend connections failures
           0  Backend connections reuses
           1  Backend connections recycles
           0  Backend connections unused
           1  N struct srcaddr
           1  N active struct srcaddr
           2  N struct sess_mem
           2  N struct sess
           0  N struct object
           1  N struct objecthead
           2  N struct smf
           0  N small free smf
           2  N large free smf
           1  N struct vbe_conn
           1  N worker threads
           1  N worker threads created
           0  N worker threads not created
           0  N worker threads limited
           0  N queued work requests
           1  N overflowed work requests
           0  N dropped work requests
           0  N expired objects
           0  N objects on deathrow
           0  HTTP header overflows
           0  Objects sent with sendfile
           1  Objects sent with write
           1  Total Sessions
           1  Total Requests
           0  Total pipe
           0  Total pass
           1  Total fetch
         295  Total header bytes
          90  Total body bytes
           0  Session Closed
           0  Session Pipeline
           0  Session Read Ahead
           1  Session herd
          98  SHM records
          27  SHM writes
           0  SHM MTX contention
           1  allocator requests
           0  outstanding allocations
           0  bytes allocated
  1073741824  bytes free
           1  Backend requests made

/Everything looking good to me!

But why doesn't varnishstat display the same data as telnet command 
"stats" did?


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