Varnish memory leak?

Andrew Knapp andrew at
Wed Sep 26 00:08:02 CEST 2007

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>>, "Andrew Knapp" writes:
> >I'm running Varnish 1.1.1 on Centos 5 x86_64. varnishd has been
> running
> >for about 20 days, but now the machine is using about 100% of the
> >and most of it is in iowait because 100% of the swap is being used by
> >varnishd (this is happening on about 8 different cache servers).
> As far as I can see, you have just cached more stuff than your RAM
> take and now the VM system moves stuff in and out of the paging area.

I guess I don't understand this. These servers have 8GB of RAM in them,
so why doesn't it fill up then RAM and then move onto filling up the
disk storage, instead of swap space?


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