cache empties itself?

Sascha Ottolski ottolski at
Thu Apr 3 08:33:20 CEST 2008


how can this be? My varnish runs for about 36 hours now. yesterday 
evening, the resident memory size was like 10 GB, which is still way 
below the available 32. later that evening, I stopped letting request 
to the proxy over night. now I came back, let the request back in, and 
am wondering that I see a low cacht hit rate. looking a bit closer it 
appears as if the cache got smaller over night, now the process only 
consumes less than 1 GB of resident memory, which fits the 
reported "bytes allocated" in the stats.

can I somehow find out why my cached objects were expired? I have a 
varnishlog -w running all the time, the the information might there. 
but, what to look for, and even more important, how can I prevent that 
expiration? I started the daemon with

-p default_ttl=31104000

to make it cache very aggresively...

Thanks, Sascha

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