cache empties itself?

Sascha Ottolski ottolski at
Thu Apr 3 19:26:19 CEST 2008

Am Donnerstag 03 April 2008 18:07:53 schrieb DHF:
> > how can this be? My varnish runs for about 36 hours now. yesterday
> > evening, the resident memory size was like 10 GB, which is still
> > way below the available 32. later that evening, I stopped letting
> > request to the proxy over night. now I came back, let the request
> > back in, and am wondering that I see a low cacht hit rate. looking
> > a bit closer it appears as if the cache got smaller over night, now
> > the process only consumes less than 1 GB of resident memory, which
> > fits the reported "bytes allocated" in the stats.

now I just had to learn the hard way...

1. if I stop and start the child via the management port, the cache is 
empty afterwards

I did this, because I couldn't manage to change the config, at least to 
me it looked that way:

200 52
        0 boot
    44085 default
*    7735 default2

vcl.discard default
106 37
No configuration named default known.

200 0

200 52
        0 boot
    44085 default
*    7750 default2 default
106 37
No configuration named default known.

2. but even worse, I've just seen that a new child was born somehow, 
which also emptied the cache

is this some regular behaviour, or was there a crash?

All this with 1.1.2. It's vital to my setup to cache as many objects as 
possible, for a long time, and that they really stay in the cache. Is 
there anything I could do to prevent the cache being emptied? May be 
I've been bitten by a bug and should give the trunk a shot?

BTW, after starting to play around with varnish, I'm really impressed, 
it's a bit frustrating sometimes to understand everything, but the 
outcome is very impreesing. Thanks for such a nice piece of software!

Thanks a lot,


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