Child dies every 90 seconds

Simon Lyall simon at
Fri Apr 4 02:20:17 CEST 2008

I guess these is either a bug or I'm trying to do something dumb but I
have fairly low TTLs for various html pages so I wanted to automaticly
refetch them:

# If something in the cache is about to expire and has been requested
# in the last minute then refetch it.
sub vcl_timeout {
   if ( obj.lastuse < 60s) {
   } else {

However when I run the varnish child process dies every 90 seconds (give
or take a couple of seconds) .

Added -d I get:

Child said (2, 7602): <<Assert error in exp_prefetch(), cache_expire.c
line 203:
  Condition(sp->handling == VCL_RET_DISCARD) not true.
  errno = 0 (Success)
Cache child died pid=7602 status=0x6
Clean child
Child cleaned

Removing the vcl lines makes everything work nicely.

Any ideas?

I'm Running varnishd 1.1.2 built from these rpms:


On Centos 5.

but I think I was seeing the same problem with a compiled build under

Load is 10-50 q/s in a test enviroment.

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