Multiple backends - Restarts - 1.1.2

Alex Davies alex at
Mon Apr 7 21:58:27 CEST 2008


I've just sucessfully configured Varnish 1.1.2.

I have two webservers with identical content. If both servers are
working, I do not care if the traffic is set to only one or to both.
However, as and when one dies, I would like varnish to send traffic
only to the working one!

I notice the "Using restarts to try multiple backends" [1] in the
Wiki, but it does not work for me. Even configuring more than one
backend prevents varnish from starting. I've searched the mailing
lists and there are references to this feature only being available in
"trunk" versions.

Does anyone have any information on when a branch that is stableish is
likely to appear from this trunk?

Many thanks,



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