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Tue Apr 8 16:29:59 CEST 2008

In message <0xj0i7k8gg801e8.080420081615 at>, duja at writes:

>Im trying to figure out some ways to extend the response headers
>with some info of the request. What I want for now is if it was a
>hit or miss and which backend it used.

Hit/Miss status is already in the X-Varnish header, if it has two
numbers it is a hit.

>I cant figure out how to know which backend it used. The only way
>i know of is if the backend would deliver a header with host name
>or something similar. Is there any way to do this in VCL?

You can set your own header in vcl_recv along with the backend.

Then in vcl_fetch, copy that header from req.foobar to obj.foobar
and you should be all set.

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