Upload Buffering and x-sendfile

Trey Long trey at propeller.com
Thu Apr 17 17:48:38 CEST 2008

I apologize if this question has been answered, I searched the list
the best I could.

Does varnish support upload (and download) buffering?

Since varnish handles all of the traffic going to and from my host I
was wondering if it buffered the client when they were uploading a
large post body or downloading a large portion of HTML.

The benefit here is that my host is not waiting for them to upload on
their slow connection and the same for download.

Does varnish support x-sendfile type responses?

It seems I might be able to program this using VCL but I was unsure so
I thought I would add it to this question. Can Varnish intercept a
header on the way to the client and redirect to a static file?

Thanks, Trey

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