two questions

Sven Tietje tietje at
Fri Aug 1 17:03:30 CEST 2008


two questions - perhas quit simple, but somehow i got into trouble with it:

aim: I want to cache all image and css - files. It works fine, but:

1. for example: I open /blah.html. Vvrnish caches all necessary files. if I
reload /blah.html, images and css will be served out of varnish cache. then
I open /blub.html. everything works fine. Now, I click again on the link to
/blah.html. all images and files are now requested from the backend. varnish
says: "cache miss". why? 

2. Can I tell varnish to ignore the max-age sent by the backend? The user
should receive max-age=0, but I want varnish to get all images and css into
cache and to serve it. I do not want to cache the browser any data and I do
not want to purge data from cache automatically by varnish. If somethings is
changed in the content management system varnish will be told to purge the
relevant urls.

my version: varnishd (varnish-1.2)

thanks & nice weekend


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