Strange problem with url redirecting when clicking on a link

Loesche, Lukas, ZD-Scoyo lukas.loesche at
Mon Aug 4 12:20:51 CEST 2008


> i called the client, and he told me that he hasn't configured anything
> on his firefox. So it seems like it doesn't come from an HTTP proxy setting.

you could try to grep the website's source code for "SERVER_PORT" or
equivalent, depending on the language the site is written in.

I'm quite certain that this problem is unrelated to varnish.

My guess is, that on one or more pages of your webapp something like dynamic
linking is in use.

In some situations, like when you have links or images from an external host
and your using the same pages for http and https it makes sense to check
which protocol or port the client used, to modify the links accordingly.

So I'd guess that instead of using relative linking that one or two pages
are building them using environment variables like the SERVER_PORT.
As you said, the local apache is running on Port 81 so it doesn't look

On the other hand, might also be something completely different :-)

-- Lukas

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