Strange problem with url redirecting when clicking on a link

Damien Sarazin damien.sarazin at
Mon Aug 4 16:17:26 CEST 2008

Here is another lead that might be near the truth !

I am not allowed to do tests on the website until tomorrow morning since there is too much traffic atm.

But i'll try to set UseCanonicalName Off in apache conf and to catch paquets with tcpdump.
I'll tell you if it resolved the problem.

> Hi Damien
> I've seen this happen where you have a bad link that say points to
> "" - Apache will rewrite it to
> "" - where come from the
> Apache config.
> I guess there is an option in apache to turn that behaviour off - or
> alternatively look through your hosted pages for links that look "odd"?
> Cheers
> Alex
> -- Alex Harrington - Network Development Manager Longhill High School 
> t: 01273 391672 e: alex at 

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <489703AF.1040107 at>, Damien Sarazin writes:
>> Yeah, i agree with you, i don't understand how a request addressed to =
>> port 81 can be logged and processed by varnish which listens on port 80. =
>> Apache should receive this !
>> Anyway, thanks for your feedback. I'll try to contact the guys who are =
>> in charge of the loadbalancing and of the routing.
> Consider if you could catch it in flagante delicto with snort or
> tcpdump ?

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