weird multisite behavior

Raymond Hall kova70 at
Sat Aug 9 04:24:43 CEST 2008

Hi there,

My varnish setup is pretty simple, basically a director with 5 random
backends with same weight and some url-based exceptions sent to a
different backend.
In the 5 director-backends I'm hosting several sites. I was using
varnish just for one of the sites, and after Saturday when I added 3
more sites, some weird things started to happen, but only very
1- the proxy would answer all pages really fast, but for / it took a
loong time, and then it delivered the / from a different site!
2- we have some xhr includes in the / page, and those blocks would
sometimes load the / from a different site.
The / returned in all cases was from the same site.
We have a lot of mod_rewrite "magic" going on in the apaches, and I
just read a post of a kind of similar problem that was solved
redirecting to the whole domain instead of just to / ... could this be
the problem? I still have to debug more, but I had to move the 3 added
domains back to an ugly webmux LB ... I'll post more details as soon
as I get time to experiment. Meanwhile I was wondering if someone has
had these kind of problems with multisites.

Raymond Hall

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Dana Burnet

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