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Hermann-Marcus Behrens hermi at
Mon Aug 11 15:27:09 CEST 2008


I'm switching from Squid to Varnish right now I really like varnish so far.

But I have a problem: In varnishncsa I would like to see the cookies for
user-tracking. At the moment I'm adding the cookies in Javascript to an Url:

  var path = "";
  path += "&cookie=" + escape(document.cookie);

varnishncsa truncated the URL to 256 bytes, which is a problem in this case.
I found in the archives a patch, which increases the limit to 65535 bytes (,
but the post is from Sept 2007 and I could not succesfull patch it to
latest svn-trunk.

Is it possible to patch this in the trunk? I think, the limitation to 256
bytes might be a problem for other users too..


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