Strange varnish behavior - not answering requests

Grasmo, Johan johan at
Wed Dec 3 14:08:09 CET 2008


We're tired of squid and it's quirks and want to advance into the information age with varnish.

I've been testing varnish the last couple of days and it has been behaving perfectly until last night. When stresstesting the varnishserver it suddenly stopped handling requests. Varnish returns to normal operation after a restart.

Accessing a page on the varnishsserver results in a timeout in the browser

I am able to telnet to the varnishserver on port 80 but a GET doesn't result in anything ("hangs").
I am able to telnet to port 6082 and run commands:
200 22
Child in state running

Varnishlog returns:
    0 CLI          - Rd ping
    0 CLI          - Wr 0 200 PONG 1228307253 1.0
    0 CLI          - Rd ping
    0 CLI          - Wr 0 200 PONG 1228307256 1.0
    0 CLI          - Rd ping

Varnishncsa doesn't return anything.

I've verified with tcpdump that varnish ack's requests.

So "everything seems normal" even though clients get timeout. FF returned "Connection Interrupted The document contains no data". If you need any logs/configs please let me know :)

I haven't exhausted the search function for the mailinglist so sorry if this topic has been an issue before.

I'm running varnish 2.0 on an Ubuntu 8.04 distro.

Cheers and thanks for replies,

Johan Grasmo

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