How much of the ESI spec is implemented?

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Mon Dec 8 15:39:05 CET 2008

]] Kurt Mackey 

First, sorry for taking ages to get back to you.

| So ESI looks interesting, but I can't quite figure out the extent to
| which Varnish supports it.

We just support the simple esi:include, ESI comments and esi:remove, not
anything more at the moment.

| For instance, the ESI expressions look ridiculously useful in
| conjunction with the include tag.  Can you do things like this?
| <esi:include src="$(COOKIE{username})/$(COOKIE{token})"/>

Yes, it'd be quite useful.

| I'm not good enough to completely understand the source, but it looks like that example may not be possible.
| It would be awesome to see expression support and support for the
| choose/when/otherwise tags as well.  Is that the type of thing that
| someone could sponsor for development?

I don't believe we will want to do choose/when/otherwise, but sponsoring
of includes based on cookies is something that would be interesting to
us.  Feel free to get in touch with varnish at linpro about it.

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