Varnish ALWAYS getting index from backend

Tomasz Leszczyński plzeton at
Wed Dec 10 19:05:23 CET 2008

Dag-Erling Smørgrav pisze:

> The best
> solution is to set the correct time on the backend;

Mission impossible :| There are third party application on backend and 
encrypted. Third party is in reorganisation and we are unvisible for him 
now. XSS hole is signalized on april :| Without any effect. Budda not 
response. This application (CMS) is horrible slow. VARNISH are slavation :D

> second-best is to
> set obj.ttl to a non-zero value in vcl_fetch.

Thats it. I know. But I completely don't understand why this not work.
Beacuse not work.

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