Configuration problem, possibly a PEBCAK.

Svein Skogen (List Mail Account) svein-listmail at
Wed Dec 31 12:48:45 CET 2008

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I'm in the process of setting up a solution with Varnish running in the
front-end VM of a VMWare ESX solution.

The idea being to run a setup similar to this:

HTTP--Pound\            ,---apache22
HTTPS-Pound/            `---IIS

However, when requesting large files (50MB +) from the backends, the
pound<-->varnish connection times out, since varnish insists on fetching
the entire file before starting to send it to the pound frontend.

Is there a way to configure varnish to start sending what it receives
immediately, while still retaining a copy in the cache, or do I have to
make a choice between caching, or forwarding?

I have a similar problem with the gallery2 backend, which uses a
continuous updating http stream for "progress-bars" when performing long
operations (like rebuilding thumnails and resizes for 19K pictures!).
However I suspect that this problem is better solved by NOT caching
those pages (if I can find a pattern to exclude them, that is).

Any help would be appreciated.

And, btw, a wish for a happy new year to all list subscribers.

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