Deliver ReqEnd in http header

Erik duja at
Thu Feb 28 11:03:38 CET 2008

Okey... I started to add some things that looked ok to me. But I have a feeling that I cannot use "string". Here is what I did:

On line 551 in vcc_fixed_token.c:
+ vsb_cat(sb, "string VRT_r_reqend(const struct sess *);\n");

On line 208-211 in vcc_gen_obj.tcl:
+ { reqend	RO STRING
+ 	{deliver}
+ 	"const struct sess *"
+ }

On line 224-230 in vcc_obj.c:
+ { "reqend", STRING, 15,
+    "VRT_r_now(sp)",
+    NULL,
+    V_RO,
+    0,

On line 532-539 in cache_vrt.c:
+ /* REQEND */
+ string
+ VRT_r_reqend(const struct sess *sp)
+ {
+	(void)sp;
+	return ("Test");
+ }

Seems a little bit easy to be allright :P

Any tip? ("stop wasting your time in a code you cant understand" ;)

/ Erik

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It's not too terrible, but not entirely simple either.

You need to add an VCL object (see the lib/libvcl/*.tcl files, then
add the necessary stuff in the .c files)

Then you need to at the VCL RunTime ("VRT") functions in cache_vrt.c.

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