varnish as a reverse proxy

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen ssm at
Fri Jan 4 09:10:34 CET 2008

"kevin fernandes" <linuxbsdfreak at> writes:

> Hello Per,
> Thanks for your reply, i have tried the configuration given on the
> link. However i receive the following error when i start varnish
> Expected 'acl', 'sub' or 'backend', found 'backend_round_robin' at
> (/etc/varnish/test.vcl Line 1 Pos 1)
> backend_round_robin rr {
> Can you please clarify why the error comes. I tried different ways
> to set it. But no luck. Also attaching the vcl FYR.

Which version of Varnish are you using?

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen, Linpro

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