varnishtop hangs

Erik duja at
Mon Jan 7 13:17:52 CET 2008

>I do the following in varnishtop: varnishtop -i TxURL

The trace doesn't look wrong as far as I can see.

Your problem may simply be that there isn't enough backend traffic
for varnishtop to have anything to show.

Or possibly, that varnishtop is looking at the wrong shared memory
area if you have multiple varnish instances (remember to specify
the same instance name).

I'm making alot of requests and the varnishtop shows the correct stats but after a while with some certain tags (e.g TxURL) it just hangs. I cannot make e Ctrl+C or anything, simply dead.

Im running only one varnishinstance. Can I provide some more info?

BTW. This subject: "hash.url missing in varnish 1.1.2", do you have an answer of that one?


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