Varnish1.1.2 returns 200OK,but no content

Damien Wetzel dwetzel at
Tue Jan 8 16:21:46 CET 2008

Hello Poul-Henning,
I'm in the same situation than you, i'm
using VM under Xemacs and i wonder how long i will
be able to keep it as my mail program since i have difficulties
to read 1 mail out of 4 :)

Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
 > In message <20071223024223.M58534 at>, "game" writes:
 > Please don't send HTML mail, I can't read it in my antique mailprogram.
 > (Yeah, I can see the irony, but I'm not going to change mailprogram
 > just because of some modern fad like HTML :-)
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