Skye Poier Nott skye at F4.ca
Tue Jul 8 02:14:18 CEST 2008

Answering my own questions again... yes, regex in the host part does  
seem to work!  Cool!

However I noticed escaping dots doesn't seem to work as normal:

hash.purge #w...6\.example\.com#$
100 41
Syntax Error: Invalid backslash sequence

hash.purge #w...6.example.com#$
200 27
PURGE #w...6.example.com#$

Bug or feature?


On 7-Jul-08, at 5:06 PM, Skye Poier Nott wrote:

> Does hash.purge take a regex in the host section as well, or just the
> url section?
> ie is this valid (delete all jpg's for all *.bar.com hosts)
> hash.purge #.+\.bar\.com#\.jpg$
> Thanks,
> Skye
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