Cookies, User-agents and Hashes

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Mon Jul 21 22:20:17 CEST 2008

In message <488490A2.8040201 at>, Audun Ytterdal writes:
>Lets say you have this site that when browsing with for example an
>iphone you are sendt to another backend with scaled down content for
>your eyes only. You users like this light version of you site, but some
>still wants to see the full version with all bells and whistles
>What I've done so far:
>in vcl_recv {
>        if (req.url == "/" && req.http.User-Agent ~ "^Mozilla/5.0
>\(iP(hone|od);" &&  !req.http.User-Agent ~ "somecookie" ) {
>                set req.backend = someother;
>                pass;
>        }
>It's set to pass because otherwise it will on a hit lookup the same hash
>as the non-iphone users and visa-versa
>I could add User-Agent to my hash, but that is a bit overkill and would
>make my cache 10-30 times larger. A substring might help a bit here.

How about this:

    sub vcl_recv {
	unset req.http.hash_input;	// Don't confuse me
        if (req.url == "/" &&
	    req.http.User-Agent ~ "^Mozilla/5.0 \(iP(hone|od);" &&
	    !req.http.User-Agent ~ "somecookie" ) {
                set req.backend = someother;
		set req.http.hash_input = "iphone";

    sub vcl_hash {
	set req.hash += req.http.hash_input;

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