Cache Purging via Mgmt Port vs. PURGE via HTTP

Loesche, Lukas, ZD-Scoyo lukas.loesche at
Wed Jul 23 13:27:55 CEST 2008


I got a question regarding purging of cached data.

As I learned there¹s two ways to purge a file. Either using the management
port url.purge foo, or using a VCL rule.

My question is, when I use the VCL rule I transmit the PURGE /path/to/file
and Host: www.foobar.tld HTTP Headers. When I purge using the management
port I only transmit the url.purge ^/path/to/file$. What will happen when
the same /path/to/file exists on more than one HTTP Host? Will it purge both
versions, since I don¹t explicitely set the HTTP Host to purge from when
using the management port? Or will it purge none or only one version? If so
which one?

E.g. If varnish caches two files:

and I url.purge /path/to/file.jpg.... Which version will be purged? The one
from or the one from or none?

-- Lukas

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