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Mon Jun 23 10:14:55 CEST 2008

In message <1fgi7aymrnf7fpf.230620081007 at>, duja at writes:

>1. The 32bits arch (cant open threads and the storage file is too
>small), so im moving into 64bits.

Yes, 32bit is generally not big enough to Varnish for non-trivial

>2. The cpu usage of the "listener process" with 20000 hits/sec is
>getting to 100% in one CPU.

You may want to try to update to a -trunk version and play a bit
with the session_linger parameter, every time you get a tick in
the "Session Linger" counter, that's one request that took a

I have an idea for a more comprehensive shortcut for new sessions
but that will have to wait until after 2.0.

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