varnish performance problem

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Tue Jun 24 20:15:33 CEST 2008

In message <c7e725270806241110g22c7f69fk744d121981910a5c at>, "Jian
ing Hu" writes:
>Sorry if this is a duplicate post. I sent the following yesterday but
>didn't see it appearing in the mailing list.
>We are testing varnish as a potential replacement for our legacy squid
>setup on a dual core 8GB RAM server. We've noticed that varnish
>performance would suddenly deteriorate after running for a while. The
>server load is at around 0.2 before all of a sudden it climbs to over
>20 and keeps rising. Top shows varnish is using more than 90% of
>memory when this happens.

Are you running on a 32bit or 64 bit machine ?

What does varnishstat say about how much you have loaded in the
cache when performance deteriorates ?

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