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Wed Jun 25 07:17:12 CEST 2008

> Hello list,

Hi Jack,

> 1. connection reset issues

Can't comment specifically on these, but your varnish version is very old.
1.1.2 is good and stable for us, and -trunk is apparently pretty stable,
> 2. caching pages
> I have updated content on my main site, and would like to clear the
> varnish
> cache,  I telnet into the management interface and run purge * (I also
> tried
> purge *. , purge .* , purge *.*) I then clear my browser cache, and
> refresh
> the page, I get the old page.  If I visit the server directly, I get the
> new
> page?

it's 'url.purge' in 1.1.2, not sure about your version.

> Below is my vcl.conf file I have comment out the cookie part because I

It's important to know/remember that the vcl you write does not *replace*
the default vcl, it just runs first, unless you specifically return a
different action (eg, lookup, pass, etc). The cookie stuff you hashed out
will still run in the default vcl afterward with your current setup. See:
...for more information on this (be aware the default presented there is
probably not correct for your current version).

> Thanks for any help someone can give.

You're welcome ;)

Darryl Dixon
Winterhouse Consulting Ltd

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