send_timeout causes closed connections?

Håvard Futsæter havard.futseter at
Mon May 5 13:53:34 CEST 2008

Hi. We have a problem with connections closing prematurely when 
downloading large documents, and we think the send_timeout parameter 
could be the culprit.

Parameter send_timeout is initially set to 45 seconds.

A 19M file is downloaded from varnish ( apache - server as backend ) on 
an adsl - line. 45 - 50s into the download the connection is abruptly 

Increasing send_timeout ( say from 45s to 120s ) will delay closing the 
connection by the same amount of time. At send_timeout = 180s the 
download works just fine ( finishes at 154s ).

In the documentation send_timeout is described like so:
'Send timeout for client connections. If no data has been sent to the 
client in this many seconds, the session is closed.'

Any idea what is happening here? Could there be a bug in how varnish 
handles this parameter? If so, is this something that has been solved in 

We use Varnish 1.0.4 on 64-bits debian-etch.

- Håvard Futsæter

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