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Sorry for this *late* response.
Noticed this mail while searching the ML archive just now. I missed it. :-(

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 4:55 AM, Erik Torlen <duja at> wrote:

> But the loadbalancing is already implenteed. I dont see why it shouldn't be
> used as loadbalancer if the functionality exists?

load-balance != session-sticky, is it? At least it depends on the mechanism
of LBer.

> I don't want to use one place for all sessions, like a file share or
> something in that direction. Im thinking about creating
> a Header that is called X-Backend: (a|b|c|d). This could be used to check
> what backend the user should use. Its really not
> a nice way to do it but its a way of doing it.

IIRC, HAproxy use Cookie insertion just like what you said to do
Cookie-based LB.

> Is there any idea that I could create a ticket for a feature like this?

And, have you got any solution?
Maybe, you could try nginx or haproxy.

Good luck.

> / Erik
> Cherife Li skrev:
>  On 2008-3-28 19:05, duja at wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I got a question regarding the Directors in varnish vcl. If user A is
>>> logging in to and the website is using varnish
>>> (with directors) in front of 4 backend servers. The 4 backend servers is
>>> identical.
>>> User A is logging in and hits server 1. He then goes to his profile and
>>> hits server 2. The server 2 doesn't know that user A is logged
>>> and redirect him to some "Not logged in"-page.
>>> Is there any way for varnish to lookup which server that user A should be
>>> directed to? Some kind of Sticky Session function?
>>>  IMHO, Varnish is for caching, rather than for redirecting.
>> Maybe you could consider HAProxy, or pound, or IPVS, or
>> similar implementation.
>> Besides, I know that sessions can be shared.
>>  / Erik
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