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David (Kitai) Cruz cidcampeador at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 13:06:30 CET 2008

Maybe create a simple script to separate logs????
Every URL is logged using http://domain/uri structure.

Really simple script to program.


2008/11/26 Marcus Smith <marcussmith at britarch.ac.uk>:
> Dear list,
> I currently have a machine running Varnish (2.0.2) set up in front of
> several different websites.  I would like to be able to collect access
> logs for each of the different sites separately.
> Obviously the Apache logs for these sites will be incomplete, as
> varnishd will serve cache hits without passing them on.  With a single
> instance of varnishd handling all the sites, varnishncsa outputs to a
> single log file with logs for all the sites together.  I would like each
> site to be logged to a separate file, in the same way that Apache's
> virtual hosts can have their own log files.  What is the recommended way
> to achieve this with Varnish?
> At first I considered running a separate named instance of varnishd and
> varnishncsa for each site, thus:
>  varnishd -n example1 -a "www.example1.com example1.com" -f
> /path/to/vcl/example1.vcl
>  varnishd -n example2 -a "www.example2.com example2.com" -f
> /path/to/vcl/example2.vcl
>  ...
>  varnishncsa -n example1 -D -a -w /path/to/logs/example1.log
>  varnishncsa -n example2 -D -a -w /path/to/logs/example2.log
>  ...
> ...but of course this will not work because once the first instance of
> varnish for example1.com has bound itself to port 80, the second
> instance will not start unless it's on a different port.
> So I'm stuck.  How should I be doing this?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Marcus
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> Marcus Smith
> Information Officer
> The Council for British Archaeology
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