"random" load balancing always choosing the same backend

Jacob Smullyan jsmullyan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 07:02:08 CET 2008

I'm delighted with varnish.  However, I haven't had any luck so far
with weighted random load-balancing.  I am seeing it always use one
backend, the one with the highest weight, and never use the other
backends at all.   That is not what I expected -- and the other
backends are healthy.  If I switch to a round-robin, all the backends
spring to life. Is this the expected behavior?  Any clarification
would be appreciated.

My configuration is like so:

director www_director random {
    { .backend=florestan; .weight=1; }
    { .backend=scelsi; .weight=2; }
    { .backend=scarbo; .weight=1; }
    { .backend=thoreau; .weight=1; }
    { .backend=landowska; .weight=3;}

sub vcl_recv{
    set req.backend=www_director;

I'm currently using varnish 2.0.1 on gentoo.


Jacob S.

Jacob Smullyan
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