Logging for multiple sites

Marcus Smith marcussmith at britarch.ac.uk
Wed Nov 26 17:40:51 CET 2008

Sébastien FOUTREL wrote:
> Hello,
> What about doing a massive ncsa log, then parse it for each domain with your stats software ?
> Or maybe splitting it in different logs in post production ?

This was what Kitai suggested, and I agree that this would probably be
the best way to do it in the absence of any suitable inbuilt varnish

David (Kitai) Cruz wrote:
> So, if i've got 900 domains, do i have to start 900 varnishlog processes?

Okay, fair enough, it doesn't really scale. :)  (And I put '>' where I
meant '>>' - don't want to overwrite existing logs!)  But I've probably
only got about a dozen or so domains, it *could* have worked for me...

I think a single large NCSA log file that I can then hack apart with
Perl or some webstats/log-parser program is probably going to be
easiest, as above.

Many thanks,

Marcus Smith
Information Officer
The Council for British Archaeology

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